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Menneskehvalp - Analpropper


Analprop med hale - Rocky - Puppy Play Kink

Enhver menneskehvalp vil blive glad for denne buttplug med hale, for en hvalp på to ben har brug for en dejlig hundehale at logre med! Buttpluggen er lavet af 100 % silikone og føles ikke kun absolut behagelig, men imponerer også med sin særligt høje holdbarhed.

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    Mere information

    Enhver menneskehvalp vil blive glad for denne buttplug med hale, for en hvalp på to ben har brug for en dejlig hundehale at logre med! Buttpluggen er lavet af 100 % silikone og føles ikke kun absolut behagelig, men imponerer også med sin særligt høje holdbarhed.


    Takket være sin anatomiske form suger Puppy-analpluggens bund sig ind mellem balderne, når den er ført helt ind. Du kan derfor bære analpluggen med hale komfortabelt og sikkert 24/7. En perfekt analplug med hale hele vejen rundt, og det første valg til en menneskehvalp.


    Vores buttplug med hale er fremstillet af silikone og har en diameter på ca. 4 cm og en indføringslængde på 9 cm. Halen på buttpluggen er fleksibel og vil se godt ud, når du logrer med den for din herre! Vov!


    Menneskelig hvalpeleg hos MEO:


    Hos MEO finder du det helt rigtige udstyr til Human Pup Play. Det gælder bl.a. hundemasker, halsbånd, snore, knæpuder, poter og buttplugs med haler til hvalpe og hunde.


    Materiale, det rigtige smøremiddel og pleje:


    Fremstillet af førsteklasses ftalatfrit materiale - kropssikkert, ikke-porøst og fløjlsblødt for at give en unik, tilfredsstillende, men også sikker analfornemmelse. Lidt EXTREMEO-spray gør den anale indføring lettere! Brug kun vandbaserede glidecremer som Aquameo fra MEO ® for at forlænge dit nye sexlegetøjs levetid! Vask før og efter hver brug, og rengør med VeryClean Spray.


    Yderligere oplysninger:


    • Puppy Play Kink
    • Anal plug med hale, Puppy anal plug
    • Materiale: Silikone
    • Vores buttplug har en diameter på ca. 30 mm, hvoraf ca. 5,5 cm kan føres ind (så den også kan bruges af hvalpe, der endnu ikke er fuldt trænet). Hundehalen er lidt over 28 cm lang og vil se rigtig sød ud, når du logrer med den! Vov!

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    I am a huge fan of the MEO Puppy Plug

    Even though I’ve been into pup play for a while, I hadn’t actually considered getting a puppy tail plug. This is for a few reasons- the pup play scene seems to quite like rubber and TPR items, and given generally I prefer to bottom anally (I wrote a piece on this if you’re interested), blocking my ass with a plug seemed counter productive.

    A few things have changed. Firstly I’ve started topping during pup play, so having my ass unavailable for penetration doesn’t really matter. Secondly, I’ve started to actually get involved with the pup scene where I am. And thirdly, I found a bunch of silicone tail plugs sold by Meo.

    The silicone part is important, and silicone, glass, and metal are the only materials I’d consider for anal toys. It’s a little less realistic than other tails available, but this isn’t something that bothers me. In fact, I actually prefer it. The stylised form fits in with how I conceptualise my approach to pup play (I don’t role-play as a pup, I role-play as the idea of a pup, because I’m post-modern and annoying), and it fits in better with the aesthetics of my local pup scene, which is appealing. The silicone is smooth and matte, making it super easy to clean.

    Meo has tail plugs in various sizes, from the 2.5cm Buddy to the 6cm Tucker. I chose the 3cm Rocky, because even though I’m not an anal beginner, I like being able to just slip a plug in with minimal prep. Prices are €49 (for 2.5-4.5cm) or €59 (for 5, 5.5, and 6cm).

    The first thing I noticed when using the Meo Rocky Puppy Butt Plug was how well designed the base was. It’s incredibly comfortable in use, and there’s no risk of the toy being ‘lost’ in use. I’m not an anal beginner, more so an anal intermediate, so I can’t speak for ease of use for beginners, but I found the plug very easy to insert. I just lubricated it well, applied a small amount of pressure, and let it slide in.

    I hadn’t actually tried a pup plug before this, and I can happily say the reality lived up to the fantasy. I really enjoyed ‘wagging’ my tail, and found that when I wore the plug when topping, it bounced with each of my thrusts in a really adorable way. The bounciness of this tail was amazing. The visual of its bouncing was really satisfying, and as it wiggled I could feel the plug shift just a little inside of me. It doesn’t wiggle enough to be unstable, but enough to stimulate my ass as it moves. I’m not comfortable enough to share footage or images of this, but I got some amazing footage of my tail bouncing as I wiggled my ass.

    The only real downside was that I think I might have chosen the wrong size for me. I wanted an easy size to insert and use, so went for the smallest size, but I found that when I clenched around the plug, I sometimes pushed it out instead. If I were choosing to get another plug, I would definitely get a size up, but this doesn’t make the plug unusable. It’s still perfectly functional.

    I was surprised there weren’t more colour options, especially as Meo has colour options on several of the products in their range. However, this isn’t something I personally am interested in, and I recognise it’d likely increase the production costs of this plug.tail2.png

    Overall, I’m a huge fan of the Meo Rocky Puppy Plug. It’s an incredibly competently made toy, and while simple, it’s simple in the way that Apple’s product packaging is simple. It’s simple because it’s well designed and so doesn’t need to be complicated. The Meo Rocky Puppy Plug is a toy I’d absolutely recommend for those who want a simple body safe tail plug, especially because there’s a range of sizes to suit all levels of anal experience.

    Read full review:

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    Wuff! Super süßes Basic für jeden Liebhaber der fortgeschrittenen Welpenschule... Plug sitzt absolut prima und ist in der kleinen Version (3,5cm) auch für Anfänger mehr als geeignet. Die Oberfläche des Materials ist wunderbar smooth und lässt sich mit ein bisschen Gleitgel (wir haben da Plowboy benutzt) prima schieben und auch easy reinigen. Volle Punktzahl von uns..Achja..besonders bezaubernd mit dem „Puppy“ Cockring – den haben wir auch...

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    The Meo Dog Tail Puppy Butt Plug (Rocky)

    It has become an intense interest of mine to indulge in all things puppy play related that I possibly can. Of course, when you’re a bisexual, sex toy safety-conscious vegan lady in a fetish that is mostly dominated by a leather, rubber, and TPR-loving atmosphere this isn’t always possible. Not to yuck anyone’s yum (your yum is my yum too) but the demographics of puppy play don’t necessarily lend themselves to the niche that I tend to occupy via my preferences.

    So, as you can imagine, I eagerly pounce on any opportunity to indulge my puppy proclivities in a manner that suits my individual desires, tail wagging. In this case quite literally.

    As I’m sure you all know, I’m not typically an anal enthusiast. In fact, up until this point Mr Peaches has been the sole tester of anal toys on this site bar a single review…until now.

    Oh yes, if anything was going to get me to re-explore my anal capabilities it was going to be puppy play. What else could be so exquisitely motivating for a canine kinkster such as myself?

    It is thanks to Meo that I have been given the opportunity to try this anal treat—part of their rather extensive range of puppy and pet play items. A lot of puppy butt plugs are made from TPR or a similarly porous material (which, in my opinion, should never be used for an anal toy) but thankfully Meo provides a range of anal puppy plugs which are completely silicone. This isn’t necessarily unheard of but it’s a welcome addition to the site, and something I must commend Meo on stocking.
    I’m certainly a fan of this playful plug.

    The Meo Dog Tail Puppy Butt Plug (Rocky) is one of a few of these plugs, and the smallest in the range—because, let’s face it, I’m hardly able to be taking much more than a beginner’s toy at this point (back to square one it seems). This particular plug has a maximum diameter of 3.5cm and an insertable length of 5.5 cm. The adorable puppy tail attached is about 30 cm in length and joins the rest of the plug in being made out of pure silicone.

    Some pups might pout at the idea of having a pure silicone butt plug. Dog tails are hardly known for their rigid silicone form, after all. However I’ve tried (or, to be accurate, had Mr Peaches try) a fair few different tail plugs in my time—including ones made from synthetic fur, synthetic hair, and even (by frustrated mistake) real fur and, I have to say, nothing beats a silicone tail. Yes, the others do look more realistic. They provide a sense of immersion and playful realism that you perhaps miss out with when using a silicone plug but they’re a nightmare to truly sanitize and I’ve never felt 100% confident that I’ve cleaned such a tail.

    With silicone being non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe, there is no worry about just how thorough a clean it can be given. All you need to do is use a reliable toy cleaner or soap and some water and give it a good scrub and rinse. Equally it can be chucked in the dishwasher or cleaned with a bleach solution if you’d rather. The versatility and assurance of silicone is not something I’m willing to sacrifice just to have a fluffier (but less sanitary) puppy tail, so this plug is perfect.

    The silicone used for the Meo Dog Tail Puppy Butt Plug (Rocky) is also very nice, smooth, and has a matte surface that gives it a nice amount of soft grip and sensation. It almost feels like the Andrex puppy equivalent of a butt plug. Durable, noticeably made for purpose, and yet so wonderfully smooth that using anything else seems unthinkable (yes, I may have a toilet-paper preference in addition to a few sex toy material ones).

    As said before, I am not an experienced butt plug user yet I found the Meo Dog Tail Puppy Butt Plug (Rocky) very easy to insert once well lubricated. All I had to do was relax, add the necessary amount of pressure, and the plug slid right in. This is aided by the plug’s ovular shape—which is very accommodating and in no way extreme or unwelcoming.

    Once in the plug felt comfortable and its neck offered enough of a narrow point to make it sit properly while also giving that teasing sensation that I have come to attribute to anal play. In terms of personal preference, I’m still not sure if I like this sensation, but this puppy plug has provided the closest to a pleasurable experience that I’ve ever managed with an anal toy.

    The flared base for the Meo Dog Tail Puppy Butt Plug (Rocky) is well designed and keeps everything firmly in place, although with such a long toy there’s very little worry about it being sucked up regardless.

    Tail plugs have always struck me as seeming a bit visually odd—what with just how low they practically sit compared to the actual coccyx—but I admit to being enthralled by just how visually stunning this plug was. Strike that. The experience wasn’t just visual, it was tactile too. I could feel the tail as an extension of my body. When I waggled by booty it playfully and effectively moved in kind and the jiggle of my waggling tail then provided pleasurable internal sensations. I felt giddy wearing this toy. I felt like a pup, which is exactly what I wanted.

    Sadly, my pleasure was short-lived at times, as my position as complete novice meant that the plug would often slide out an unwelcome moments and I would be left pouting and pining for a stronger anal region. But this was not a fault of the plug itself, more something to keep in mind if you’re a total anal beginner or someone with very weak muscles in that area.

    In terms of more objective downsides I really can’t think of any. The Meo Dog Tail Puppy Butt Plug (Rocky) sets out to provide an easily insertable, pleasurable, and effective puppy plug and it does just that. I suppose the biggest criticism that could be lobbied against it would be the lack of design and colour variation but, really, that’s more of a practical restriction than something fundamentally wrong with the plug itself.

    No, this plug is brilliantly executed and very fit for purpose. It makes me one very happy pup indeed and has encouraged me to open up to anal play again. Three cheers to any toys that can achieve this, as it’s about time I put some more of my personal musings in to the anal reviews on this site.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall I really liked the Meo Dog Tail Puppy Butt Plug (Rocky) and recommend it (and its larger counterparts) to anyone who wants a body-safe, standard, puppy plug.

    Granted, there’s nothing overly extraordinary about this plug. But, as any fetishist knows, sometimes just getting some standard recognition and being catered to in a competent manner is enough to help fantasies become reality and leave users gleeful with the acknowledgement.

    This was certainly the case for me, as this plug helped me so easily feel like a joyful pup bounding with energy.

    I highly recommend it for anyone interested in puppy play and really have nothing but enthusiastic words to say about it. Two paws up from me!
    Recommend to:

    People interested in puppy play.
    People who like smaller plugs.
    People who want a silicone plug.

    Do Not Recommend to:

    People who want a more realistic looking tail.
    People who dislike bulbous/ovular plugs.
    People who prefer different materials.

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    Analprop med hale - Rocky - Puppy Play Kink

    Analprop med hale - Rocky - Puppy Play Kink

    Enhver menneskehvalp vil blive glad for denne buttplug med hale, for en hvalp på to ben har brug for en dejlig hundehale at logre med! Buttpluggen er lavet af 100 % silikone og føles ikke kun absolut behagelig, men imponerer også med sin særligt høje holdbarhed.

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